Want To Study In Norway? These Are Seven Of The Best Schools

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Have you ever had an interest in studying in Europe other than the UK? More specifically Norway, the internet is flooded with questions about schools in Norway and admission requirements, take for example this Nairaland forum thread on Nigerians in Norway which is about 54 pages long.

Norway is a fantastic study destination for Nigerian international students because it offers a unique student experience, high quality education, close group lectures and tuition, various exciting outdoor for relaxation and best of all its state universities and colleges offer free tuition to its students including international students from outside the European Union. Although, students will need to pay an administrative fee of about NOK 300 – 600 ($50 – 100) every semester, this fee grants you access to student welfare organization, health services, counseling, student card for easy transportation fare, sports facilities and examinations. Note that some masters degree programs do require a fee of about €2,500 and above.

The popular student cities in Norway are Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim, and Kristiansand. The weather in Norway is a bit cold with an average winter temperature of about -4ºC and mild summer temperature of 18 ºC.

To apply to a Norwegian university the minimum requirements you must have to be eligible are the following:

  • Senior School Certificate with at least 6 credited subjects including English and Mathematics (WAEC, NECO, GCE)
  • Year one university education transcripts
  • Bachelor degree certificate
  • Full university transcripts
  • English language proficiency requirements (WAEC, TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson)
  • Norwegian language proficiency test (Bergenstesten, Vg3 level)

For a full GSU eligibility list, please click here

Here’s a list of seven of the best schools in Norway based top global universities rankings, research and global academic ratings.

  1. University of Oslo

This is the oldest university in Norway, it was founded in 1811. Its campus is located in the centre of Oslo, with a newer campus in Blindern, the suburban West End. The university has about 27,700 students and 6,000 staff. Its faculties include Theology, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Educational Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine, and Social Sciences.

  1. University of Bergen

This public university founded in 1946 is located in Bergen, Norway. The university teaches about 17,000 students in its six faculties such as the faculty of Humanities, Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry, Psychology, and Social sciences. The University of Bergen also has a library and a museum.

  1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology

This university is one of the best in the country especially in technological education and research in the natural sciences. With about 14 faculties and 70 departments and an annual budget of NOK 7.6 billion, it’s no wonder it is ranked as one of the top science institutions in Europe. NTNU also offers a wide range of education courses in art subjects like humanities, social sciences, music, the visual arts and architecture.

  1. University of Tromsø (The Arctic University of Norway)

The University of Tromsø is the largest research and educational institution in northern Norway. The university has 6 campus locations with its main focus on Auroral light research, Space science, Fishery science, Biotechnology, Linguistics, Multicultural societies, Saami culture, Telemedicine, Epidemiology and a wide range of other Arctic research activities.

  1. Norwegian University of Life Sciences

This is a public university located in Ås, Norway. The university is organized into three faculties and 13 departments namely the faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, faculty of Social Sciences, faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biosciences, etc.

  1. University of Agder, Kristiansand

This is a public university with campuses in Kristiansand and Grimstad, Norway. The University has six faculties as well as its own teacher education program. The Faculties include Economics and Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Health and Sport Sciences, Humanities and Education, Engineering and Science. It has about 17 research centres such as Achieving Accountability in School Practice, Business Systems, Care Research, Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Didactics, Entrepreneurship, European Studies, Gender Equality, Innovation and Work Life Studies, etc.

  1. Nord University

Nord University is a public university located in Bodø, Norway. It offers a dynamic and modern learning environment for higher education and research. Its faculties include Bio-sciences and Aquaculture, Graduate School of Business, School of Professional Studies, Social Sciences.

I hope I’ve been able to assist you in your quest to find a suitable higher institution in Norway, please hit the section below with your questions and comment. Don’t forget to like and share!

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