Want To Study In Europe? These Are Eight Of The Best Schools In Hungary

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Hungary is located in the around the centre Europe, connecting Central and Eastern Europe. It is a growing higher educational destination for international Nigerian students, with its scenic and vibrant environment, low living costs (about $600-850 per month) and low tuition fees of estimates $5000/year. It offers a variety of English taught courses in three degree levels of bachelor’s (alapképzés), master’s (mesterképzés) and doctorate (doktori képzés).

The Hungarian government offer state funded scholarships to international students which cover tuition fees, medical insurance, accommodation and a monthly stipend for citizens of its partnering countries, i.e. Nigeria. Click here for more information.

Admission to Hungarian higher education is organized by the educational institutions themselves. To be admitted to a higher education programme, you first need to contact the institution that offers the programme. They can inform you of exactly which admission requirements apply to the programme of your choice.

However, the general Hungarian universities admissions applications include the following;

  • Online application form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter
  • Language proficiency certificate for English or Hungarian language i.e. IELTS, TOEFL
  • School certificates i.e. WAEC, Bachelor degree and their notarized English or Hungarian translations
  • Transcripts
  • Medical certificate showing satisfactory health condition (issued not earlier than 1 month, a written certificate from a physician to prove that the applicant does not have the following illnesses: AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, C or any other epidemic conditions)
  • Copy of international passport
  • Research Plan
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Entrance examination scores
  • Admission application fee
  • Tuition fees

Hungarian universities admissions duration is between April to July and October to December.

The top eight schools in Hungary are;

  1. University of Szeged

This is a public research university in Szeged, Hungary. The university is organized into eleven faculties with about 134 departments.

Programmes and courses link: http://www.u-szeged.hu/about-us/faculties?folderID=28197&objectParentFolderId=36689

Admissions application link: http://www.u-szeged.hu/english/admissions

  1. Eötvös Loránd University

This is a public research university located in Budapest. The university is divided into eight faculties which offer 38 bachelor’s programs, 96 master’s programs and 118 PhD programs at 17 doctoral schools.

Programmes and courses link: https://www.elte.hu/en/faculties_of_elte?m=9

Admissions application link: https://www.elte.hu/en/content/how-to-apply.t.80?m=47

  1. University of Debrecen

This public university is located in Debrecen. It is characterized by 13 faculties, 137 subjects on offer with 27 English taught programs. It is further organized into 64 Bachelor’s and 73 Master’s programs.

Programmes and courses link: http://www3.unideb.hu/portal/en/node/12607

Admissions application link: http://www3.unideb.hu/portal/en/node/12605

  1. Corvinus University of Budapest

This is a public research university located in Budapest. It is divided into three faculties namely Business administration, Economics and Social sciences.

Programmes and courses link: http://portal.uni-corvinus.hu/index.php?id=44567

Admissions application link: http://portal.uni-corvinus.hu/index.php?id=48665

  1. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

This world’s oldest institute of technology is located in Budapest. It is structured into eight faculties, 110 departments and about 27 departments.

Programmes and courses link: http://www.bme.hu/faculties?language=en

Admissions application link: http://www.kth.bme.hu/en/oie/regular_students/application/

  1. University of Pécs

This public university is located in Pécs. It consists of 10 faculties, 32 clinics and a winery research facility.

Programmes and courses link: http://international.pte.hu/what-can-i-study

Admissions application link: http://international.pte.hu/how_to_apply

  1. University of Pannonia

This public university is located in Veszprém, Hungary. It is organized in five faculties including Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Agriculture, Economics and Information Technology.

Programmes and courses link: http://englishweb.uni-pannon.hu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=9&Itemid=12, http://englishweb.uni-pannon.hu/images/Documents/courses%20offered%20in%20english%20language%20for%20foreign%20students_2016_17.pdf

  1. University of Miskolc

This public university is located in Miskolc, Northern Hungary. It consists of 8 faculties and 7 courses taught in English.

Programmes and courses link: http://www.uni-miskolc.hu/faculties, http://www.uni-miskolc.hu/courses-in-english

Admissions application link: http://www.uni-miskolc.hu/uni/student/foreign/indexe.shtml

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