Want To Study In Canada? These Are Top 10 Canadian Scholarships For International Students

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The North American nation of Canada has earned a reputation over the years as one of the best education systems in the world. Canada has become a dream destination for thousands of international students across the world seeking to study outside the shores of their countries.  The standard of living in Canada and the rich diversity of cultures and other aspects of life, make the country very desirable.

In this article I’ll be listing out ten different yearly scholarships which international students could benefit from; for those yearning to study in Canada. This list includes both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, I’ll advise that you should also visit their websites before applying as there might be changes at any time on the terms and conditions of these scholarship programs. It would be wise to have current information so you can weigh your options before deciding which scholarship grant best suits you.

1. University of British Columbia MasterCard Scholarship for African Students

This scholarship is awarded as one of the three scholarships which were formed by the MasterCard foundation partnering with three different universities. This scholarship is only awarded to African students from Sub-Saharan country and must be resident there. The scholarship is awarded to those whose proposed programs of study would go a long way to improve the lot of their home country and they must be willing to return as soon as the program is done to contribute their own quota to the development of their nation.

2. University of Alberta Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship program is designed to attract top international students to the University of Alberta and the school invests a sum of 22 million Canadian dollars to achieve this. Students who are not resident in Canada or Canadian citizens with proven excellent academic and leadership track record are awarded this scholarship after going through the process to prove themselves worthy.

3. International Leader of Tomorrow Undergraduate Scholarship at University of British Columbia

This award just like that of University of Alberta is also awarded to excellent international students with top academic and leadership track records. Students who have also impacted with their involvement in student affairs and community service, recognized achievement in fields of endeavor such as the performing arts, sports, debating or creative writing, or external academic competitions and examinations are also awarded this scholarship.

4. Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship at the University of Alberta

This another scholarship designed with the aim to improve the already blooming status of the country as a global excellence center in research and higher learning. The scholarship was created to attracted and retain world-class doctoral students who may be Canadian citizens or international students. The Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship is awarded to students who have shown great promise in both academics and leadership. They are actually students that would be expected to achieve great things in future.

5. Trudeau Foundation Scholarship in Canada for Developing Countries

This scholarship program was created by the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation. The scholarship is targeted at Canadian and international students from developing countries and rewards outstanding candidates who are doing research in areas related to the four themes of the foundation.  The scholarship awarded annually.

6. McGill University Canada (MasterCard Scholarship For African Students)

This is also one of the scholarship programs which was born out of the partnership between the MasterCard Scholarship Foundation and three Canadian University. McGill University happens to be one of those universities through which the scholarship would be awarded to students, mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa who would be accepted into programs that would go a long way to contribute positively to the growth of their country. The scholarship is both for graduate and postgraduate students.

7. University of Toronto Canada (MasterCard Scholarship for African Students)

The University of Toronto Canada completes the trio of universities that has partnered with the MasterCard Scholarship foundation to award scholarships to African students who wish to study outside the shores of their country with the aim of using the knowledge acquired to better their country. Thanks to the partnership, the University of Toronto Canada can now provide African students with one of the world’s top-ranked educations in one of the world’s most multi-cultural cities.

8. American Concrete Institute Foundation Scholarship For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

This is also available in the United States of America, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Foundation Scholarship for Undergraduate and Graduate Students awards scholarships and fellowships to international students through the scholarship foundation in the fields of structural designs, materials and construction. The scholarship is awarded annually to students who would be interested in the program.

9. Margaret McNamara Memorial (MMM) Scholarship for Women From Developing Countries

This scholarship is also available in the United States, and it awarded to women from developing countries to help further their education, improve he lives of women and children in developing countries. The scholarship is awarded to those currently studying the United States and Canada.

10. Quebec Government, Canada (Doctoral Research Scholarship Program for  International Students)

This is scholarship was created with the aim of attracting international students by stimulating their interest in beginning or pursuing doctoral studies in Québec and provide financial support to leading international PhD candidates in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering fields.

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