Want To Study In A Top Business School? These Are 8 Ivy League Business Schools In The US

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The thought of going through an Ivy league school would make anyone’s mouth water, the dream is an experience but in reality belongs to unfortunately quite a few compared to how many have would loved to be an alumnus of an Ivy League school. Fame and prestige, are just a few qualities you gain by being an alumnus of any of these schools, it is bound to open doors to you in several places. For this article, we would be sharing a list of eight of best Ivy League business schools for those who would love to be accepted into one.

The creation of business schools at Ivy league institutions occurred over a period of nearly a century. The first was the Wharton School of Business, which was founded by Joseph Wharton in 1881 at the University of Pennsylvania. This was followed by Tuck School of Business, founded in the year 1900 at Dartmouth College. The Harvard Business School of the prestigious “Harvard University” followed years later.

Of all the Ivy League Universities, only two do not have business schools; Brown University’s’ school of Business & Economics, it also has a joint MBA program with Insituto de Empresa School of Business. While, Princeton on its part, has the Bendheim Center For  Finance which specializes in quantitative finance. Without further ado, here’s a list of the top 8 Ivy League Business Schools.

  1. Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania)

The Wharton Business School is the graduate business school of the University of Pennsylvania which is a privately-owned Ivy League university. The Wharton Business was established by Joseph Wharton in the year 1881, which makes it the oldest business schools in the United States of America. The school offers a wide range of programs. With an alumni list that boasts of the likes of Bill Gates, Donald Trump and an endowment of 1.4 billion dollars, it tells more about the school.

  1. Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth College)

It was founded in the year 1900; the Tuck School of Business which is the graduate business school of Dartmouth college is the oldest business school in the world. It is one of the six Ivy League Business Schools and was the first business school to offer master’s degree in Business Administration. The school has an endowment of 282 million dollars.

  1. Harvard Business School (Harvard University)

The graduate business school of one of the most famous (arguably the most) schools on earth. The Harvard Business School was established in 1908 and is one of the Ivy League Business Schools. With an endowment of 3 billion dollars it has the largest endowment of any business school in the world. Harvard Business School offers a large full-time MBA program, doctoral programs, HBX and executive education programs.

  1. Columbia Business School (Columbia University)

It was established in 1916, to provide business training and professional preparation for undergraduate and graduate Columbia University students. The school’s selection process has been acclaimed to be one of the most rigorous, even among top business schools. The school’s endowment currently stands at 643 million dollars and with an alumni list that has the likes of David Dodd hailed as the Father of Value Investing, Henry Kravis and Akinlabi Olasunkanmi, that is not surprising.

  1. Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management (Cornell University)

The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management is a privately owned business school established in 1946. Co-founder Ezra Cornell (the founder of Western Union) had proposed the idea that would birth the business school, 16 years before Joseph Wharton founded the Wharton school of business. Afterwards, Andrew Dickson White, who became Ezra Cornell’s partner, came on board. The school enjoys an endowment of 209 million dollars. The school’s alumni list includes Mark Bertolini, David Duffield and Dan Hesse.

  1. Yale School of Management (Yale University)

Yale School of Management is a privately owned business school established in 1976. The school is one of the few business schools in the Ivy League and is one of the most prestigious. Yale School of Management offers students exchange programs with HEC, IE Business School, London School of Economics and a few other schools. The school has an alumni list that includes the likes of Zheng Lei, D. Ellen Schuman and Indra Nooyi.

  1. Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

It was established in 1911, the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management houses Cornell’s undergraduate business school as well as graduate education in applied economics. The school focuses on business, agribusiness, environmental and resource economics, and international and development economics offering a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management and three graduate degrees, M.S., M.P.S. and PhD, in Applied Economics and Management

  1. Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

It was established in 1922, the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration is a specialized business school for hospitality management. The school is also the world’s first four-year intercollegiate school devoted to hospitality management. It is referred to as the Hotel school and it students as Hoteliers Well, for a school devoted to hospitality management, I believe no one would be surprised.

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