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The DS-106 form is an online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form which is used for temporary travel to the United States of America and is submitted electronically to the Department of State website via the internet. The form collects information from all persons seeking non-immigrant visa to the United States of America based on information provided in the DS-106 form. These information and those obtained during personal interview would enable the consular officers determine if an applicant is eligible for a nonimmigrant visa.

Below are information you would need to correctly fill the DS-106

You should have the following documents available while you complete your DS-160:

  • Passport
  • Travel itinerary (if you have already made travel arrangements)
  • Dates of your last five visits or trips to the United States. (If you have previously travelled to the United States. You may also be asked for your international travel history for the past five years.)
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae – You may be required to provide information about your current and previous education and work history.
  • Other Information – Some applicants, depending on the intended purpose of travel, will be asked to provide additional information when completing the DS-160

Some applicants will need to have additional information and documents handy while completing the DS-160. For instance:-

Students and Exchange Visitors (F, J, and M): You will be asked to provide your SEVIS ID, which is printed on your I-20 or DS-2019, so you should have this form available when completing your DS-160. You also will be asked to provide the address of the school/program at which you intend to study. This information should also be on your I-20 or DS-2019 form

All your answers must be in English, using English characters only, except when you are asked to provide your full name in your native alphabet. Applications submitted in any language other than English will be denied, and you may be required to submit a new application.

While you must answer all questions in English, translations of questions are available in many languages from the drop-down menu in the right upper corner of the application. These translations should assist you in completing the form in English.

Below is a comprehensive list of questions you are expected to answer on your DS-160 application form:

  1. Security Question: (Name that will be used to retrieve your application)
  2. Surnames
  3. Given Names
  4. Full Name in Native Alphabet (if you have one)
  5. Have you ever used other names (i.e., maiden, religious, professional, alias, etc.)?
  6. Do you have a tele code that represents your name?
  7. Sex
  8. Marital Status
  9. Date and Place of Birth (as it appears on your passport)
  10. City
  11. State/Province
  12. Country/Region
  13. Country/Region of Origin (Nationality)
  14. Do you hold or have you held any nationality other than the one indicated above on nationality?
  15. Are you a permanent resident of a country/region other than your country/region of origin (nationality) indicated above?
  16. National Identification Number
  17. Street Address (Line 1)
  18. Street Address (Line 2) *Optional
  19. City
  20. State/Province
  21. Postal Zone/ZIP Code
  22. Country/Region
  23. Mailing Address
  1. Primary Phone Number
  2. Secondary Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Passport/Travel Document Number
  5. Passport Book Number
  6. Country/Authority that Issued Passport/Travel Document
  7. Where was the Passport/Travel Document Issued?
  8. City
  9. State / province on passport
  10. Country / Region
  11. Issue date
  12. Expire Date
  13. Have you ever lost a passport or had one stolen?
  14. Purpose of trip to US
  15. Have you made specific travel plans?
  16. Intended date of arrival
  17. Length of stay
  18. Address where you will stay in the US
  19. Person paying for trip
  20. Persons traveling with you
  21. Are there other persons traveling with you?
  22. Surnames of Person Traveling With You
  23. Given Names of Person Traveling With You
  24. Relationship with Person
  25. First name of the person
  26. Last name of the person
  1. Have you ever been in the U.S.?
  2. Have you ever been issued a U.S. Visa?
  3. Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, or been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry?
  4. Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?
  5. Contact Person or Organization in the United States
  6. Contact Person
  7. First and Last Name
  8. Organization Name
  9. Father’s Full Name and Date of Birth
  10. Surnames
  11. Given Names
  12. Date of Birth
  13. Is your father in the U.S.?
  14. Mother’s Full Name and Date of Birth
  15. Surnames Given Names
  16. Date of Birth
  17. Is your mother in the U.S.?
  18. Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States?
  19. Spouse’s Surnames
  20. Spouse’s Given Names
  21. Date of birth
  22. Spouse’s Country/Region of Origin (Nationality)
  23. City
  24. Country/Region
  25. Spouse Address
  26. Primary Occupation
  27. Present Employer or School Name
  28. Street Address (Line 1)
  29. City
  30. State/Province
  31. Postal Zone/ZIP Code
  32. Phone Number
  33. Monthly income
  34. Briefly describe your duties:
  35. Monthly Income in Local Currency (if employed)
  36. Were you previously employed?
  37. Employers name
  38. Strees address
  39. City state post code and telephone number
  40. Job title
  41. Supervisors name (first and last name)
  42. Employement date from to when
  43. Describe duties
  44. Add another employement record
  45. Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above?
  46. Name of Institution
  47. Street Address (Line 1)
  48. City
  49. State/Province
  50. Postal Zone/ZIP Code
  51. Country/Region
  52. Course of
  53. Date of Attendance From/
  54. Date of Attendance to
  55. Do you belong to a clan or tribe?
  56. Provide a List of Languages You Speak
  57. Have you traveled to any countries/regions within the last five years?
  58. Country/Region
  59. Have you belonged to, contributed to, or worked for any professional, social, or charitable organization?
  60. Do you have any specialized skills or training, such as firearms, explosives, nuclear, biological, or chemical experience?
  61. Have you ever served in the military?
  62. Have you ever served in, been a member of, or been involved with a paramilitary unit, vigilante unit, rebel group, guerrilla group, or insurgent organization?
  63. Do you have a communicable disease of public health significance? (Communicable diseases of public significance include chancroid, gonorrhea, granuloma inguinale, infectious leprosy, lymphogranuloma venereum, infectious stage syphilis, active tuberculosis, and other diseases as determined by the Department of Health and Human Services.)
  64. Do you have a mental or physical disorder that poses or is likely to pose a threat to the safety or welfare of yourself or others?
  65. Are you or have you ever been a drug abuser or addict?
  66. Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty, or other similar action?
  67. Have you ever violated, or engaged in a conspiracy to violate, any law relating to controlled substances?
  68. Are you coming to the United States to engage in prostitution or unlawful commercialized vice or have you been engaged in prostitution or procuring prostitutes within the past 10 years?
  69. Have you ever been involved in, or do you seek to engage in, money laundering?
  70. Have you ever committed or conspired to commit a human trafficking offense in the United States or outside the United States?
  71. Have you ever knowingly aided, abetted, assisted or colluded with an individual who has committed, or conspired to commit a severe human trafficking offense in the United States or outside the United States?
  72. Are you the spouse, son, or daughter of an individual who has committed or conspired to commit a human trafficking offense in the United States or outside the United States and have you within the last five years, knowingly benefited from the trafficking activities?
  73. Do you seek to engage in espionage, sabotage, export control violations, or any other illegal activity while in the United States?
  74. Do you seek to engage in terrorist activities while in the United States or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities?
  75. Have you ever or do you intend to provide financial assistance or other support to terrorists or terrorist organizations?
  76. Are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization?
  77. Have you ever ordered, incited, committed, assisted, or otherwise participated in genocide?
  78. Have you ever committed, ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in torture?
  79. Have you committed, ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in extrajudicial killings, political killings, or other acts of violence?
  80. Have you ever engaged in the recruitment or the use of child soldiers?
  81. Have you, while serving as a government official, been responsible for or directly carried out, at any time, particularly severe violations of religious freedom?
  82. Have you ever been directly involved in the establishment or enforcement of population controls forcing a woman to undergo an abortion against her free choice or a man or a woman to undergo sterilization against his or her free will?
  83. Have you ever been directly involved in the coercive transplantation of human organs or bodily tissue?
  84. Have you ever sought to obtain or assist others to obtain a visa, entry into the United States, or any other United States immigration benefit by fraud or willful misrepresentation or other unlawful means?
  85. Have you ever withheld custody of a U.S. citizen child outside the United States from a person granted legal custody by a U.S. court?
  86. Have you voted in the United States in violation of any law or regulation?
  87. Have you ever renounced United States citizenship for the purposes of avoiding taxation?

All the questions on the DS-160 mandatory.

Most questions are mandatory and must be answered in the spaces provided. You may leave spaces blank when the questions are marked “optional.” You may answer a question with “Does Not Apply,” when that question does not apply to you; however, all other questions must be answered. The system will not allow you to submit an application with any mandatory questions left unanswered. If you do not complete a mandatory question, the system will display an error message and require you to answer the question before continuing with the application. If you do not answer questions that apply to your circumstances and/or purpose of travel, the system will not accept your application.

You can electronically sign your DS-160 by clicking the “Sign Application” button at the end of the form. Failure to sign may result in termination of the application. Your electronic signature certifies that you have read and understood the questions in the application and that your answers are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. The submission of an application containing any false or misleading statements may result in the permanent refusal of a visa or denial of entry into the United States. All declarations made in the application are unsworn declarations made under penalty of perjury.

Unless you are exempted from appearing in person, your fingerprints will be electronically scanned on the day of your interview. By providing your fingerprints, you will again certify that that you have answered all questions on the DS-160 truthfully and to the best of your knowledge, and that you will tell the truth during your visa interview. You will be directed to read the following statement prior to having your fingerprints scanned:

If an applicant is illiterate or unable to complete the application, the applicant must be assisted by a third party. The third party must be identified on the “Sign and Submit” page of the application. While the third party can assist the applicant in completing the application, he or she must instruct the applicant on how to endorse the application on his or her own behalf by clicking the “Sign Application” button.

If the applicant is under the age of 16 or physically incapable of completing an application, the applicant’s parents or guardian may complete and click the “Sign Application” button on his or her behalf. If the applicant has no parent or legal guardian, then the application may be completed by any person having legal custody of, or a legitimate interest in, the applicant.

Explanations of the following terms contained in the online DS-160 form are available to you as help topics while you complete the DS-160 and are also provided below.


Enter all surnames (or family names) exactly as they are written in your passport. If only one name is written in your passport, enter that as your “Surname.”

Given Names:

If your passport does not include a first or given name, please enter ‘FNU’ (meaning “first name unknown”) in the space for “Given Names.”

Other Names:

Other names used include your maiden name, religious name, professional name, or any other name by which you are or have been known.

Make sure to enter the other names you have used in full.  Thus, if you have only used another surname, enter it along with your usual given name. If you have only used another given name, enter it along with your usual surname.

Date of Birth

Enter as shown in your passport.

Place of Birth:

Please choose the name currently used for the place where you were born.


You must provide a primary phone number. The primary phone number should be the phone number at which you are most likely to be reached; this could be a land line or a cellular/mobile number. If you have an additional land line or a cellular/mobile number please list that as your secondary phone number.

Passport/Travel Document Number:

Enter the number of the passport or travel document you will use to travel to the United States. This passport/document must still be valid, and must identify you and your nationality.

Expiration Date:

In most cases your passport or travel document must be valid for at least six months after your arrival in the United States.

Previous Employer:

Please enter information regarding your previous two employers only. Applicants may choose to bring along a separate written list of  all previous employers to the visa interview for reference.

You can save your application or return to a partially completed application. When you begin a new DS-160, you will be issued a unique application identification (ID) number after selecting and answering a security question. Once you have your application ID number and have selected and answered a security question, you may exit the DS-160 application and return to it later. You must have your application ID to return to your application. To save your DS-160 to the Consular Electronic Application Center website, click the “Next” button at the bottom of each page you complete.

All information is automatically saved when each page is completed, so your application will not be lost. You will need to enter the application ID number, and answer other questions as prompted, to retrieve your application. Once your application has been retrieved, it will begin at the last page you completed. You will be able to edit previous pages, if needed.


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