Travellounge Guide: This Is How To Get Into An MBA Program in The US and Europe

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It is quite amusing to see the number of international students who want to get their MBA’s outside the shores of Nigeria. No doubt, most of these numbers clamor for top business schools in the United States, United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, with an overwhelming percentage of those hoping to get into a business school in the United States of America. In fact, 66 percent of all international MBA students hope to get accepted into an American business school. While it is easy to wish to be accepted by a top MBA school in America and Europe, few have the right information needed on how to go about the process; from wishing to achieving.

I have created a list that would help students who wish to get their MBA from international business schools. This list might not cover all the specific questions some students might have concerning certain schools but I’m very sure it would help you create idea(s) on how to go about it.

  1. State why you need the MBA

Most times it is hard for people to achieve certain things unless they truly need it badly. For an international student who wants to go study and obtain his/her MBA outside the shores of their country, they have to decide how much they really need the MBA. Would the stress and expenses be worth it, make no mistake about it, unless you’re on scholarship or some form of grant, the cost of MBA in top tier school is expensive.

  1. Ask yourself one question; why do you need the MBA?

Is it to upgrade your present status to help you reach even higher in your profession? Is it to increase your earnings? Is it to secure international prospects? To be able to answer these questions which you should ask yourself very well, you would need to join MBA forums online where ideas can be shared and your questions answered. You can also get a mentor who would guide you on how to go about everything.

  1. How to shortlist schools

Now this is an area you should be very careful and treat very realistically. Students have always worried about which schools which would easily accept them. No one wants to make a futile effort and waste time, energy and resources. So it is important that when checking out schools you should identity your strength and weakness in the academic and personal dimensions. Also you can look up for the top business schools rankings on several topnotch publications like Financial Times, Business Week and Economic Intelligence Unit. Also check out the website of any business school you have in mind, they should have current information concerning acceptance on their site.

  1. Prepare for GMAT

While a lot of the students are trying to side-step the GMAT and some schools are even dropping the GMAT score as a requirement for their MBA programs, top-tier business schools still insist on GMAT scores from applicants. So how do you go about preparing for your GMAT if you aim to go to a top-tier business school? Here are tips on how to prepare for the GMAT; self-study is very important. For that you would need to get the latest edition of Official Guide of GMAT. Secondly, you can also attend professional tutorials but it is a very expensive option. Thirdly, you can go for the new growing trend; online GMAT classes. This is quite important, flexible and gives the applicant access to a large volume of materials.

  1. Prepare your Essay

Since you would be submitting essays to different schools, it is  important you find a way to get a common theme between your essays and duplicate them in a way that they are customized but at the same time spin-offs from the first essay which you want to write to the first school. Basically, most of the essays which are written for the MBA are usually very similar based on the points and areas which the schools expect you to cover. You may go for professional editing services and other forms of professional consultation but they are very expensive and not everyone would be able to afford it.

  1. Choose your recommendations

This is a very vital part of the process as schools usually ask for two recommendations from people who know you capabilities and can vouch for you. Your recommendations should covers areas that were not covered in the rest of your application and also to reaffirm some qualities already stated in the essay.

  1. Prepare for your interview

Prepare for your interview; study your applications and your essays for a start so you are not caught unaware. You can also study other areas that many questions may come from. A full Mock MBA interview would also be very helpful.

We wish you good luck as you pursue your dream MBA program in your dream school.

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