Travellounge Guide: How To Write A Good Resume For Your MBA Application

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There is no doubt that the best way to create a good first impression on an influential decision-maker is to extend your best first. You ought to catch his or her eye and make a lasting impression. While this applies for those job-hunting, it also applies to those who are creating an MBA resume format for business school applications. In fact, this applies to every situation where a great first impression is supposed to open an even greater door.

For most candidates, writing a good resume starts with picking a very nice resume sample, downloading it for free then getting to work on it which is actually the big deal. They watch out some very “vital” details like the font style and size, the margins, the spacing and the section. After then, they proceed to cram in as much information as they think the resume should contain, actually suffocating it. Ever seen, a 10-page resume with pictures, borders and multi colour design that would really stand out in a children art week stand.

What a resume reviewer looks out for in your resume

No matter what you are applying for, be it a high-paying job or your MBA, it is certain you might never have the time to discuss your resume with the reviewer over a cup of coffee. So the way to go is to get it right one time and hit it really hard. Put your best foot forward with all the power and finesse you can muster. Also, it is important to know that your resume will encounter a number of reviews.

The first level of review will probably be done by a low-level worker below the decision-maker. The role of the first level reviewer is to speed-read the resume which means he would spend as little time as possible on the resume then pass it up to the next reviewer but if he/she thinks the resume does not fit, he would surely dump it and that would mark the end of the road for the resume. The first level reviewer could also mark out key parameters on the resumes being sent up to the next reviewer.

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The second level of review most times looks out for those keywords or parameters which were marked out by the first reviewer. If the resume meets the parameters that they are looking out, your resume would move up to the next level of review.

When the pile of resume reaches an agreeable level, the next level of review begins with each senior member of the selection team spending some time in reviewing the resume independently.

After this, the final reviewer who might be your future boss or the most senior member of the selection committee would then spend some more time on the resume and if he/she thinks you are the deal, you then get a shot at meeting to discuss over a tea of coffee in some fancy office or spot, depending on his/her fancy.

To make your resume kick hard

You would need to do these if you want your resume to stand out among the multitude that would submitted by several others for the selection process.

  1. Highlight the important parameters. You should endeavor to highlight points like your previous school especially if it is a prestigious school. You should also highlight your workplace especially if you worked for a top company. Also, do not fail to include your scores; undergraduate GPA or postgraduate percentage. Competitive scores like those of GMAT and TOEFL are also very important. Evaluate the mix or technical and non-technical skills. The reviewer would be expecting to see those in resumes. Ensure to explain how and where you have displayed those traits. The lesser they think your learning curve would be in your new role, the faster and more productive they believe you would be. Simple!
  2. Use short sentences to describe your contributions in each role. Using bullet points would be very effective. Make it short, crisp and simple so you don’t lose the valuable points in the crowd.
  3. Make sure to state your past achievements. Once again, let it be short, crisp and straight to the point. Use a verb that hits home and don’t try to muddle it up.
  4. Make sure to write in a way that tells your story not just like anyone would do. It should portray you.
  5. But do not convert your resume into an autobiography; it is best if it is on a page. The length of your resume is inversely proportional to the attention span of your reviewer.

Okay, that is all for that. I am sure by now you have seen a point or two were you need to do things differently as it relates to your CV. If you still need other tips or have any questions, just hit us up on the comment section.

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