Travel: Here’s How To Apply For A Holiday Visa To Dubai From Nigeria

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It’s the summer and Dubai is great for a vacation this time of the year. Sunny, warm with lots of cool recreational activities (desert rides, skiing), amazing food, breathtaking attractions to keep you fit and fabulous, there’s no wonder why it’s a tourist Mecca. Dubai is one of the best exotic locations for a holiday and Nigerians are traveling en masse, this is mainly due to its affordability, ease of visa approval, cultural diversity, wedding and shopping destination. Considering all this in play, we at Travel Lounge have recommended this hot spot.

With its many hotels, resorts, amazing skylines, art and a thriving business hub, I’d thought I give you super easy guidelines for getting your visa application approved, here they are:

What you need to know about the Dubai Visa and immigration for Nigerian Citizens

  • The duration for visa process is five (5) working days with exception of Friday and Saturday.
  • Dubai visa immigration only offers single entry visas at a time.
  • There’s an age cap or restrictions for visa applicants below 25 years old, however, the applicant can apply in collaboration with an older relative bearing the same surname. Note that the older relative doesn’t need to book a flight.
  • The different types of Dubai visas available are 96 hours (N23, 000), 14 days (N30, 000), 90 days (N63, 000).
  • There’s a cancellation charge on N8,500 and a bank collection charge of N500

Having provided the key points you need to know about the visa and immigration for Dubai, here’s some considerations to help determine your eligibility for Dubai Visa and immigration:

  1. Your passport should be valid for up to six (6) months for approval
  2. You should have sufficient funds in your account to cover travel, accommodation, emergencies, and miscellaneous expenses, etc.
  3. There should be no negative information attached to your name to avoid visa denial, such activities include criminal records, inconsistent documents, fraud, etc.
photo credit: Cosmopolitan Busy-ness prior to Boarding @ Dubai Airport via photopin (license)
photo credit: Cosmopolitan Busy-ness prior to Boarding @ Dubai Airport via photopin (license)

While applying to travel, you will need a complete set of supporting documents for presentation to the Dubai visa and immigration office to ensure timely approval, here’s a checklist below:

Dubai Visa Application Requirements

  • Original Nigerian passport
  • Colored photocopies of your ID Card and passport bio/photo page (Including valid and expired visas)
  • Colored passport photographs
  • Visa application form ( this must be filled out in detailed block letters and duly signed by the applicant)
  • Proof of travel and health insurance
  • Proof of financial status, this can be an original of your recent 3-6 months bank statement, an original letter of introduction from your bank or a security deposit of $1550 refundable upon return from the U.A.E.
  • Corporate tourists: An introductory letter from your employer and company ID card, for self employed individuals, include a copy of your business registration and tax documents.
  • If you are visiting a family member (specific for spouse, children under 21, or parents above 60), you will be required to provide an invitation letter (inclusive of contact information, signature, copy of U.A.E passport bio/data page or residence permit, and a copy of the labour contract attested by the Emirates Commercial Visa Section in U.A.E, Marriage certificate, birth certificate.
  • Newly married couples should provide copy of marriage certificate, affidavit, wedding card or photographs
  • A fully travel itinerary, confirmed round trip flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation details.

Dubai Visa And Immigration Application Process

The Dubai visa can be applied for through travel and tour organizers, travel agencies or U.A.E citizens. You can get your visa at any one of the following travel agencies in Nigeria:

To further aid in your stress free visa approval, I have listed the different flights to Dubai this August, be sure to book the cheapest and most convenient.

Photo Credit: Omawumi Eyekpimi
Photo Credit: Omawumi Eyekpimi

I hope this helps in sending you on your sunny exotic vacation this summer, don’t forget to send me a post card!

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