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Germany is a nice study location for Nigerian students; it has about 380 universities with 20 in the top educational rankings in the world. Thirteen of its universities are focused on engineering and natural sciences, while other top public research universities are particularly strong in sciences, business administration, arts, medical and applied sciences.

The country is characterized by a serene environment with cold weather, beautiful landscapes of forests, mountains and beaches, trendy skyscrapers in cities like Frankfurt, and a fast-paced business hub with bubbling night scenes.

Another good reason is that German universities charge low to no tuition fees, but only a small amount is paid to cover administration costs. If you’re interested in studying in Germany, I recently combined a list of the top universities in Germany, which you can read up on here.

After getting an unconditional offer of admission to study in Germany, you should apply for a student visa as soon as possible, at least 4 months before you’re due to arrive in the country. Nigerian students who intend to migrate to Germany can process their applications for the Germany student visa at the German consulate in Lagos.

Here’s a checklist for all supporting documents required to process your Germany student visa:

  • Online application form (2), you must complete and print out the form inclusive of your Questionnaire answered according to section 54 (6) of the Residence Act, and your immigration declaration in accordance with section 54 (2) of the Residence Act. Click here to download the forms.
  • International passport with six months travel validity
  • Biometric data page of your passport
  • Two passport photographs with white background, in dimensions of 35mm x 40 mm with 70-80% close up, with one attached to the application form and one loose
  • Admission letter from a German university indicating that you’ve been offered provisional admission
  • Transcripts of academic records
  • Preliminary school certificates including a direct access card to verify results i.e. WAEC, FSLC
  • Bachelor degree or Masters degree as the case may be
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of English proficiency, this could either be IELTS iBT, TOEFL or PEARSON
  • German language proficiency, if you’re studying in German, you’ll need to prove that you can understand the language, this can be TestDaf, DSH, etc
  • Proof of financial sufficiency, this is done by opening and crediting a Blocked account with the Deutsche bank via the German Consulate, the confirmation number and details should be sent along with your application. The total amount required for crediting the account is €8,000 You can also present sponsorship and scholarship declaration letters. Click here for information
  • Health insurance certificate to cover your stay in Germany
  • Biologically old documents to verify your identity i.e. vaccine card, baptism certificate
  • Declaration of documents authenticity
  • Birth certificate from the National Population Commission or age declaration from the head of your family
  • Visa application fees of €60 (N20,976), this is payable in Naira according to exchange rates only in cash at the time of visa application submission. Click here for confirmation.
  • One self addressed, prepaid courier envelope for documents return

German Student Visa Application process

Germany visa appointment at the German consulate is booked online via email to To begin; you must include your block account information, admission letter and passport data page. Applicants are required to arrive in person at the German consulate from Mondays – Fridays at 9:00 AM with complete forms, original documents and two photocopy of all supporting documents. Visa application processing time is usually 6-8 weeks depending on individual cases.

Germany High Commission in Lagos

15, Walter Carrington Crescent,
P.O.Box 72800,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone      +234 1 280 99 66

Click on this page for more useful information.
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