Travel: This Is How To Apply For Austria Student Visa From Nigeria

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Austria is located in the centre of Europe, relatively small and it is recorded as one of the richest countries in the world. It is recognized for its cultural heritages and vast contribution to the arts, these include architectural monuments like Saint Stephen`s Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, etc. It is home to the famous composer “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”, various world renowned choirs, orchestras, and a prime locale for various winter and water sports.

As a Nigerian international student intending to study in Austria, you’ll need a visa and/or a residence permit. The Austrian student visas type D are issued to non-immigrant visas for individuals who intend to study in an Austrian institute, college or university for a short period of 6 months, while for a longer period of above 6 months; you’ll require a student residence permit (Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende) alongside your student visa which is issued by authorities in Austria. This article is to direct you on the best possible and effective way to apply for your Austrian study visa and residence permit, processes involved and the necessary documents required for your visa application.

The required supporting documents for this visa application are:

  • Visa Type D application form. Click here for adults and here for Minors
  • Two recent passport photographs in dimensions of 35 – 40 mm, full face capture
  • International Passport which must be valid for at least three months after your intended stay, with two empty leaflets at the back, passport must have been issued within the last 10 years. You can process your international passport at your nearest immigration office. Click here for our article on how to process your international passport
  • Letter of admission issued by your Austrian university confirming your admission
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements
  • Proof of health insurance, It is required that the insurance covers all days you are planning to stay in Austria, this document must cover medical costs of up to €30,000. Click here for our article on where to get your travel insurance
  • Proof of sufficient funds in the form of bank statement, confirmation issued by future employer, bank account that can be assessed when in Austria, travelers’ cheque or scholarship grants issued by a sponsor. The required amount is €487.53 per month for students aged 24 and below, while students aged 24 and over require €882.78 per month
  • Proof of tuition fees payment or grant/scholarship submission to cover tuition fees
  • Notarized letter signed by one or both of your parents declaring financial responsibility (not required if you are able to financially support yourself)
  • Copy of your itinerary or round trip ticket
  • All applicants must also submit biometric data (10 fingerprints). You need to schedule an appointment at the Austrian Embassy in your country in order to do this
  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate indicating that you have no prior convictions and a model citizen. Click here to find out how you can process one
  • As a rule, before filing your application for a residence permit, you will need to have your documents legalized. For appointments concerning legalization of documents, please contact the online reservation system, Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 9 a.m. till 12:00 noon. Legalization costs are €40 per document. Click here for more information

Visa Application Fees

The consular fees of €50 for minors and €80 for adults are to be paid at the time of application in cash (naira at the equivalent exchange rate).

Once issued, the residence permit has to be collected at the issuing authority in Austria. For this, in most cases you will need a visa to travel to Austria. Therefore, an additional visa fee of €100 will apply.

Visa Application Process

Application for the Austrian student visa (Type D) is done via the Austrian Embassy in Nigeria, Consular office hours: Monday till Thursday, 09:00 till 12:00 hrs. The embassy is closed on Austrian holidays: 26 Oct, 1 Nov, 8 and 26 Dec.

For more information on the Austrian student visa and residence permit, click here

Austria Embassy
9, Usuma Street,
Maitama District,

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