Travel: Six Countries You Can Visit Visa Free From Nigeria

In the world of travel, it’s all about access, spending a weekend in Tuscany – access, lying on the beach in Cancun – access, doing a flash mob dance in Time square; do I need to repeat myself! So the question is how many access can your passport get you? How many access can your travel history get you, well for the Nigerian passport, the answer is forty four (44) countries, although stay is limited and some are visa on arrival, but at least the cringe worthy money, energy and time spent on getting a visa has been eliminated. These arrangements have been made possible with Nigeria’s bilateral cooperative agreements with these countries to allow its citizens gain entrance without a visa. These countries are mostly African, American, Asian and Oceania states.

In August 2016, the Nigerian International passport was ranked at 82 on the Global Passport Index and 92 on the 2016 Visa Restrictions Index this is compiled by Henley and Partners (immigration and citizens’ services firm) and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) with criterion based on diplomatic relations, security risks and risks of visa violations. However, final access is at the discretion of the countries’ border authorities and immigration, visitors with intentions to work should require a visa or work permit.


Your eligibility to be granted access to these countries are based on your passport and travel history therefore, you must fulfill the following immigration requirements

  • Six months validity on your Nigerian passport
  • At least two blank visa pages on your passport
  • Transit visa in case of a connecting flight
  • Round trip flight tickets
  • Hotel/accommodation bookings throughout the duration of your stay
  • Travel insurance in case of an emergency
  • Medical immunizations against tropical diseases
  • Valid government issued ID card
  • Evidence of sufficient funds

Travel lounge understands the need for a fun adrenaline filled beach vibes, exciting locales and sunny indulgent vacations to the Nigerian community especially in this current economic situation, which is why we have profiled these exotic visa free hotspots for your pleasure. Here are six beautiful countries you can visit visa free or on arrival as a Nigerian citizen with a valid international passport.


This beautiful Caribbean island is located on the North American continent, it’s an English speaking country with a land area of 431Km2, and it has a long standing association with the UK being one of its colonies. It is characterized with beautiful botanical fauna, rum distillery, abbey, underground caves and beautiful beaches where you can swim with aquatic life. This is one of the best wedding destinations among the Nigerian community, with other tourist attractions ranging from epicurean dishes, luxury beaches, nightlife, exotic festivals, history and culture. The accepted currency is the Barbadian Dollar, but the US Dollar is also accepted. Nigerian visitors are allowed for up to six months.


Maldives is archipelago in nature with over 1,192 islands with coral origins. It lays on the Indian Ocean with a tropical weather and land area of 300Km2. It is a perfect honeymoon destination for newly wedded couples due to its many beach resorts, tourist attractions include diving, surfing, snorkeling, and sailing. US Dollars is one of the most widely accepted currency, also, Nigerian visitors get 30 day visa on arrival.

Freediver and Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus)
Freediver and Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus)


This volcanic island is located on the Indian Ocean; it is characterized with beaches, lagoons and reefs. Other beautiful attractions include cultural diversity, national parks, rain forests, waterfalls, hiking trails and natural faunas. It has a land area of 2040Km2, the spoken language ranges from French, English, and Mauritian Creole to Hindi. As a Nigerian, you will be granted access for two weeks, but an entry permit from the Mauritius Consulate in Nigeria is required.



This country is located on the South Pacific and is also archipelago in nature with more than 300 islands, blue lagoons, palm beaches, Eco Mountains for climbing and trailing, surfing, diving and zip lining, this is perfect for an aquatic adrenaline junkie. Its currency is the Fijian Dollar; visa is not required for Nigerian citizens for up to four months.



This East African country is located along the coastline of the Indian Ocean. It’s a favorite among tourist looking to discover the Savannah, Lake lands, mountain highlands and very abundant wildlife. Nigerians are allowed to visit for up to 90 days with visa acquired on arrival for as low as $50 at the airport.


This small country is located in West Africa and on the North Atlantic Ocean coastline. It is characterized by a huge Eco reserve of rivers, beaches, and thick forests, coastal villages with lots of rare animals like bush-bucks, hogs, antelopes, and otters. Its sandy beaches are also perfect for bird watching. Nigerians do not require a visa to visit.

Other visa free destinations include Cape Verde, Zanzibar, Comoros Island, Seychelles, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ghana, Benin republic, Micronesia, Dominica, etc. for easy vacation planning, flights and hotel bookings, there are several travel agencies in Nigeria who offer these services, such as

  1. Wakanow
  2. Travelstart
  3. World and Travelland

So how about you use that passport to get some good access right now!

I look forward to sharing in your experience especially if you’ve visited, about to or just enquiries, use the comments section below.


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