Top 8 Tuition Free Scholarships For African Students Abroad

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With the current economy situation in several parts of the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for educational systems around the world to offer tuition free scholarships. Now, most of them only offer discounts as well as other privileges to make international students feel more comfortable in picking these institutions but nothing beats a tuition-free scholarship right? I understand your concerns.

However, there are still some countries who offer tuition-free scholarship programmes to students from around the world. Here are eight of them:

  1. The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool

The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool is a program designed for Doctoral level students who wish to study in Finland for their Doctorate. This covers all academic fields as well as public research institutes. This scholarship could be for a 3 – 9 months duration and can be awarded to Africans from Egypt and Namibia as well as some other students and researchers from other countries in every other continent. This scholarship includes a monthly allowance of over €1000.

  1. Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Programme

The Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Programme is designed to provide support to high-achieving and committed students from around the world. This scholarship is awarded without considering the student’s nationality and financial capacity of either the student or his family. The scholarship comes with a monthly allowance of €300 and it cover two semesters or the normal period allocated for studying that particular course.

  1. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship Programme

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship programme is awarded to international students who gained admission to study in Germany from outside the country. It covers all academic fields and is mostly awarded to students going for their post-graduate studies in either Masters or PhD degree levels. The scholarship comes with a monthly allowance of €750 for Masters degree students and over €1000 for Doctorate level students.                    

  1. KAAD Scholarships for International Students in Germany

This scholarship is awarded to students from developing countries, and academic interests are picked based on the needs of the applicants’ country. The scholarship is funded by a religious body and awarded scholarships are designed to favour Catholic Christians in post-graduate study levels. For students applying for Masters degree programmes, a minimum age of 30 is allowed, while those applying for Doctorate degrees should not be more than 35.

  1. CIMO Doctoral Fellowships in Finland

The CIMO Doctoral Fellowship programmes are also offered to young Doctoral students and researchers from around the world. Like the Finnish Government Scholarship pool, this covers all academic areas as well as public research endeavours. However, Masters degree students and post-doctoral researchers are not supported by the programme. This scholarship program vary from 3 – 12 months and also attracts a monthly allowance of over a €1000.

  1. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programme

This is a program funded by Erasmus Mundus Scholarship fund and is operated by a number of universities around the world. To apply, students need to send applications to one of the consortium offering the Masters and Doctoral degree programmes. However, they must note that the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship board has the right to pick which students would make it to programme.

  1. DAAD Scholarships in Germany For Development-Related Postgraduate Studies

Though the Daad Scholarships in Germany has a range of different interests as per its concerns to awarding of scholarships to favour students from developing countries. One of them is the DAAD Scholarships for Development-Related Postgraduate studies. This scholarship covers several academic courses but it is mostly awarded to students with the development of their countries in mind. The duration ranges between 12 – 24 months and while €750 is given to Masters degree students for their monthly upkeep, a sum of  €1500 is given to Doctorate degree students.

  1. The DAAD Masters Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance Programme

The DAAD Masters Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance Programme is awarded to excellent students who have performed well in the previous degree courses. Academic courses are awarded with relevance to the development of the student’s country and the award favour students from developing countries seeking to help build their countries. The award currently gives a monthly allowance of €750 as well as subsidies on travelling cost and accommodation rent where spouses and children are involved.

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