Top 27 US Schools That Accept MBA Applications Without Work Experience

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According to Wikipedia, Work experience is any experience that an individual gains while working in a specific field or occupation over time, but the expression can also be widely used to mean a type of volunteer work that is commonly intended for young people to get a feel for professional working environments.

Now make no mistake about it, work experience is very vital when it comes to applying for your MBA programme in an international business school. Once again, work experience is very very vital. But there are some schools who are willing to grant students admissions into their business schools without work experience and in so doing would be pitching them up against other applicants who might have the prerequisite work experience and at the same time very good grades.

Below we give you a list of schools that accept students into their MBA program with little or no work experience. We would like to also advise that you visit the school’s website before applying so you don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong school.

  1. Harvard Business School
  2. Chicago Booth Business School
  3. Columbia Business School
  4. Stanford Graduate Business School
  5. Wharton Business School
  6. Sloan School of Management
  7. Marshall School of Business
  8. McDonough School of Business
  9. Carey Business School, John Hopkins
  10. Olin Graduate School of Business
  11. Boston University School of Management
  12. Carroll School of Management
  13. Robert H. Smith School of Business
  14. UC Davis Graduate School of Management
  15. Stern School of Business
  16. Haas School of Business
  17. Anderson School of Management
  18. Merrick School of Business
  19. Lucas Graduate School of Business
  20. LeBow College of Business
  21. La Salle University of Business
  22. Frank G. Zarb School of Business
  23. Fox School of Business
  24. Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics
  25. College of Business, San Francisco State University
  26. Drucker School of Management
  27. Erivan K. Haub School of Business

There you have it, you can take your pick from the list above but like we advised earlier, make sure you check out their websites, read everything carefully and understand your eligibility status before deciding which of the schools you would like to send your application.

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