How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen

Step by Step Process on How to Apply for a Visa for Canada Permanent Residence:

By following these steps, I will assume you have read every detail of the previous sections on how to apply for a Canadian PR and I won’t have to go through some of the key details within each step.

Step 1) Take an English Test: – As previously mentioned, in order to prove your eligibility for express entry, you will need to provide evidence that you can read, speak, listen and write in the English Language. This is the first step required as details of this results will be required during your eligibility test.

Step 2) Take an Eligibility Test: – The eligibility test takes about 10 – 15 minutes roughly. The test will access your age, nationality, language, work experience, relationship i.e. spouse and financial status. This step is quite critical, as the preliminary information you provide will be used to pre-assess you. In addition, you will be provided with a unique code that carries your information. Some of this information you entered will be automatically used to pre-fill your express entry application form.

  • Intermediate Steps between 2 and 3: In this step, you will be expected to get all your academic certificates assessed. All certificates after your high school graduation should be assessed. Depending on your qualifications, you might want to start from your university degree, masters and then any PhD degree. It is important to note that you do not need to assess your junior and senior secondary school grade certificates. However, you can use your OND, HND diplomas if you do not have a degree yet. You will not be able to submit an application until you have a WES confirmation of your highest qualification. The certificate number will be required during your express entry application process.

Step 3) Register for a CIC account: – To submit any application to the government, you will need to have a CIC account. This account enables you send in any form of application whether it being student visa, work permit or permanent residence. You can process any application via your CIC account. You will need to have a CIC account before you can submit an express entry application form.

Step 4) Fill your express entry permanent migration visa application: Using the code provided during your eligibility test, you will be able to create a new form from your account. The express entry form is very evident from the dashboard. You can check your score after submission for record purposes.

Step 5) Register for Job Bank and Validate your Express Entry Applications: Upon successful completion and approval of your express entry application form, you will be provided with a Job Bank Validation code. Use this during your Job Bank registration process. Your Express entry application will be validated and you will be officially entered into the pool.

  • Intermediate Step between 5 and 6: This is not a step rather a pro-active attempt to ensure your application steps go smoothly without any delay after getting your ITA. During this step, you are expected to get as many documents ready in order to prove all the details of your express entry application form. In this step, you will be expected to request all your reference letters from current and all previous employers. See the guidelines above for the details of these letters. In addition, you will need to get Police Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates and most importantly your account statement showing evidence of the funds (proof of funds) you will bring to Canada. Get all these items ready because once the ITA is issued, you will only have only 2 months to apply for your permanent residence.

Step 6) Make an official permanent migration visa application form: This step is not an automatic stage. It is only required if you have been officially invited to submit an application (ITA). As previously explained, your CRS ranking will be the primary factor used to send an ITA. You will get an email notification in your email account once an ITA has been issued to you. You must apply for this ITA within 60 days.

Step 7) Go for medication: Upon successful submission of your main application form, you will be required to have your medicals. You can decide to take a pro-active step by going for your medicals immediately after application (or even before you submitted your application). Alternatively, you can wait until you are instructed to do so.

Step 8) Original International Passport Request: This is the penultimate step. Once your original passport has been requested, unless there are ambiguities with your identity, chances are you permanent resident application will be approved and your Canada Temporary resident visa (TRV) will be issued.

Step 9) Travel to Canada: You will not be issued a permanent residence visa until you arrive to Canada and successfully gone through Canada immigration and border control. In addition, if you have been nominated by a province, you will be required to show up at the province, fill some paper work before your permanent residency is issued. Otherwise, if you have not been nominated, you will be required to select any province of your choice. This will be your official province and they will be in charge of your permanent residency. The card will take about 3 months to get delivered.

Step 10) Apply for Canadian Citizenship: This step is not compulsory but if you intend to become a full Canadian citizen, you will be required to apply for a Canadian Citizenship after four years of living in Canada.

Good Luck, you will need it.

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