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Nigerian International Passport

Imagine taking a vacation in Mauritius, your boss includes your name in a business trip, won a trip, or maybe that cool guy wants to take you to Paris for the weekend, well you need that key to the world! The Nigerian Passport, this is one of the first requirements for visa and immigration from Nigeria; this is such an important document that it can be used as a form of identification, travel, proof of citizenship, evidence of travel history and it is definitely worth the investment.

The Nigerian passport is a legal document designed to allow its citizens travel access to other countries and it is globally ranked at 82 in the world, with an individual rank of 174 and access to 44 countries visa free according to the Global Passport Index. It contains an initial bio data page containing your name, age, sex, height, fingerprint and other important documentation necessary for immigration from Nigeria. It’s an electronic passport with a validity period of five (5) years and total life span of ten (10) years; also you’re not allowed to possess multiple standard passports.

Nigeria Passport Qualification

A Nigerian by birth, naturalization and registration, you’re definitely qualified even if you’re a Nigerian living in diaspora.

These are all the ways you can apply for the Nigerian Passport

  • The Nigerian Immigration Services nationwide offices
  • The Nigerian Immigration Services website
  • For Nigerians living in diaspora, you can contact your Nigerian embassy or consulate

For a quick e-passport application, click here

For detailed guidelines on the online application, click here

Photo Credit: Nigerian Embassy
Photo Credit: Nigerian Embassy

These are the requirements for getting a Nigerian Passport (obtained from the Nigerian Immigration Office)

  • Guarantor’s form duly signed by a Commissioner of Oaths/Magistrate/High court judge attached with a photocopy of; bio data page of guarantor’s passport, national identity card, or drivers’ license
  • Parent’s (Father or Mother) letter of content for minors under the age of 16
  • Marriage Certificate where applicable
  • Husband’s letter of consent where applicable
  • Letter of introduction for employee of government (official passport) or corporate organization
  • Birth Certificate or Age declaration
  • Letter of identification from Local Government of origin or residence
  • One(1) recent passport photograph highlighting applicants full face down to the neck
  • Application form, acknowledgement slip and receipt of payment
  • Court affidavit and police report in the case of theft, damaged, lost/missing passport
  • Submit application form with supporting documents to the NIS passport office / Embassy / High commission
  • After submission, wait for face, signature capture and passport issuance


Nigerian passport price
Photo Credit: Omawumi Eyekpimi

Note: you’re applying for the standard Nigerian passport (32 or 64 pages), not the official passport, those are reserved for government officials and Nigerian diplomats.

Important points to note

  • The international passport is the first requirement for visa and immigration but it is not a guaranty of access or visa approval to other countries, these are reserved to the visa issuing officers of these consulates
  • It is not advisable to travel out of the country with without an excess lifespan of at least six months validity on your passport
  • It is advisable that you take out travel insurance on your passport incase of loss, damage and theft, also have a photocopy of your bio data page handy
  • If your passport is filled with visa and immigration stamps ensure that you get it renewed immediately, even if it hasn’t expired

My experience at the immigration office

On the day, I arrived at the immigration office by 10:00am; this is due to the fact that I had to travel a certain distance because the Nigerian Immigration Office in my state is quite far from my residence. I approached an officer I was directed to, made all necessary documentation, payments and preceded to the waiting area. The waiting area was quite filled with people queuing/sitting since 06:00am for applications to be tended to, and also I noticed that the international passport fees had some strange amounts quite different from the online fees. Anyways, at about 02:30 pm, I was done with digital face, signature capture and issued an e-passport.

Here is a list of Nigerian Immigration Services offices nationwide

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