Comprehensive List Of 24 Executive MBA’s Without The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

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Most returning students spend 75 percent of their time trying to crack the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) so they would be able to  get better chances of getting accepted into top business schools in order to obtain an MBA. The GMAT score forms an essential and significant component for various high ranking full-time MBA programs. Recently, there has been a new trend by business schools to jettison the GMAT as a requirement for students who want to obtain their MBA. These schools have comes to realize that while the GMAT is essential it is a form of a nightmare to students due to it being quite expensive, time-consuming and the fact that it does not really prove that the person who passes it is more quantitatively skilled than someone who flunks it. The amount of anxiety associated with the test as well as its rigidity has made most students to detest it.

More schools are dropping the GMAT as a requirement while some others are giving students options to opt out while making other requirements in-lieu of the GMAT. Requirements like a certain period of work experience, and a minimum GPA are now being accepted in place of the GMAT score.

For this article, we would take a look at Executive MBA programs that do not require one to go through GMAT. These programs are designed to suit the needs of experienced professionals who would want to obtain their MBA without a hitch. It is designed to be flexible even though the minimum requirements are usually more than that of a full-time MBA program. Since the students come with years of experience, it is easier to allow a waiver for the GMAT test.

  1. New York University Stern Executive MBA Program 

The NYU Stern Executive MBA program is a 22-month long full-time MBA program. It covers a general range of management topics with good choices of electives. The GMAT score is waived for qualifying candidates but they would be required to have office sponsorship.

  1. Smith Executive MBA

This is housed by the University of Maryland; the Robert H. Smith Executive Business School requires a minimum of 15-year work experience to qualify for its 19-month Executive MBA program. Classes hold on weekends with the students required to put in 21.5 hours each week.

  1. Northwestern University – Kellogg Executive MBA

In order to be accepted for the Kellogg Executive MBA program of the Northwestern University, a minimum of 8 working year experience is needed. The program itself runs for over 24 months and covers all aspects of general management. The GMAT score is not required; however acceptance into the program would be decided by the admission committee.

  1. Duke Fuqua Global Executive MBA

The Duke Fuqua Global Executive MBA program is an MBA program that runs for 15 months. A minimum of 8 years working experience is required.

  1. University of Southern California Marshall Business School

This is a 21-month executive MBA program that does not require GMAT. However, candidates are expecting to have a minimum of 8-year working experience.

  1. Johnson Cornell University

This is an executive MBA program that runs for 22 months and requires applicants to have had 7 years working experience.

  1. University of Michigan – Ross School of Business EMBA

The Ross Executive MBA is a 21-month long general management program. GMAT is not required.

  1. Global EMBA for Asia Pacific

The Global EMBA is an executive program designed by the UCLA Anderson School of Management in collaboration with the University of Singapore Business School (NUS). The program runs for 15 months.

  1. Oxford Executive MBA

The Oxford Executive MBA is an executive program that runs 21 months. Experienced applicants with 10 years management experience are not required to submit their GMAT score. The admission committee would have to decide if the candidate should be accepted.

  1. MIT Executive MBA

A minimum of 10 years working experience is needed to be accepted in the MIT’s Sloan School of Management program. The program runs for 20 months.

  1. Durham University Business School

The Durham University Business School offers a full-time MBA program that does not require applicants to submit their GMAT. However, a minimum of three years management experience is required along with IELTS. The program runs between 12 to 15 months.

  1. Pace University – Lubin School of Business

Applicants with a doctoral degree or business-related masters are allowed to waive GMAT.

  1. University of Reading – Henley Business School

Submitting GMAT scores would not be necessary if the applicant has three years working experience and good grades which would be determined by the admission committee. The program runs 12 months.

  1. Lancaster University Business School

The Lancaster University Business School does not require GMAT for the 12-month full-time MBA program.

  1. Imperial College Business School

The Imperial College Business School offers global MBA which requires result for English test but no GMAT. The school however requires a five-year working experience.

  1. Suffolk University Boston – Sawyer Business School

To be accepted into the Sawyer Business School, an applicant would be a GPA 3.4 (on a scale of 4.0). To waive the GMAT test, the applicant would be required to have a working experience of 4 or more years.

  1. Middlesex University Dubai

The Middlesex University requires applicants to have a relevant degree and a minimum of 4 years working experience.

  1. University of Canberra

The University of Canberra offers MBA to candidates who are required to have a bachelor’s degree related without work experience or in an unrelated field with three years experience.

  1. Birmingham City Business School’s MBA Program

While GMAT is not necessary for admission, TOEFL and IELTS are compulsory for international students.

  1. University of Central Lancashire 

The University of Central Lancashire offers a 12-month MBA program that does not really require GMAT but requires TOEFL or IELTS result.

Various other universities also offer online MBA’s as well. Here’s a list of four of them for you to consider:

Florida International University’s Online CMBA
The Florida International University’s online CMBA program like most MBA programs does not require GMAT but they do require applicants to have at least 4 years professional experience.

Ohio University Online MBA
The Ohio University online MBA a letter of recommendation and 2-5 years worth of professional experience to be considered for acceptance. However, GMAT is not needed.

Norwich University Online MBA
The Norwich University online MBA requires an undergraduate degree, TOEFL or IELTS score but no GMAT is required for the 18-month program.

University of Liverpool Online MBA
The University of Liverpool does not require GMAT but a three-year professional experience in a relevant field as well as TOEFL/IELTS score is required.

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