About us

About Travel Lounge Nigeria

Travel Lounge is an online community platform that allows Nigerian travellers to connect, relate and share travel experiences. It is uniquely designed with the sole aim of connecting prospective travellers within Nigeria and Diaspora.

Travel Lounge provides a favourable environment for travellers to highlight memorable travel events and adventures while helping those in need of travel advice to obtain the information they need.

In brief, whether you are looking to travel outside of Nigeria or have questions regarding immigration, where to visit or what to study in a foreign country, Travel Lounge helps you connect with the ideal person with the required expertise.

Our Mission

1) To provide an enabling environment for experienced and prospective travellers to connect and share travel experiences.

2) To build a friendly, respectful and user driven community platform with a high level of integrity amongst its users.

3) To ensure prospective travellers are provided with completely honest travel advice and experiences regardless of the commercial motives.

Our Vision

1) To be the foremost traveller community platform within Nigeria and Diaspora.

2) To connect prospective travellers in Nigeria with Nigerians in Diaspora.

3) To unite Nigerians living in Diaspora.