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Traveling around the world is exciting, new experiences, new cuisine, exploring different cultures and engaging in gravity defying stunts. But what happens when an accident occurs, or you get hit by Zika virus (I kid you not), loose your luggage, I could go on and on. Yeah, accidents happen, but it’s what you do about them that matters, and the number one way of nipping that problem in the bud is getting travel insurance.

When traveling to a different country for holiday, school, business or medical tourism, you will be asked to present a travel insurance cover at the designated embassy as part of your visa and immigration application requirements.

Travel Insurance is intended to cover expenses caused by trip cancellation, baggage loss, accident, medical care and possible repatriation, etc. It is a necessary visa application requirement so much so that you might not get approval if you cannot provide one before traveling especially to Schengen countries like Spain, Sweden, Austria, Finland, etc.

Getting started on that travel insurance

The first thing to do when getting a travel insurance is to check how much travel insurance cover is required for the geographical zone (Schengen, UK, North America, South America, Asia or Australia) you’re visiting, which insurance agencies are accepted in these zones, requirements for  this insurance and what incidents these policies cover.

Importance of travel insurance

  1. Getting assistance abroad
  2. Travel insurance provides you with protection from expensive medical costs
  3. Travel insurance can cover emergency disruptions to your trip such as weather, war, etc
  4. Reimbursement for your losses and expenses
  5. It helps in personal liability cover

Requirement for good travel insurance

Typical travel insurance should have the following:

#1. It must be issued by an accredited insurance policy company

#2. It has to cover expenses caused by illness, accident, medical care and possible repatriation

#3. It must be valid for the whole duration of the trip

#4. Provision for extras like, dangerous activities, passport or baggage loss

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What to consider when picking travel insurance provider

  • Single trip, multi or world travel insurance, this will depend on your travel plans and frequency.
  • Travel insurance should cover the basics such as theft, loss and medical emergencies.
  • Some insurance policies have exclusions of dangerous sporting activities such as scuba diving, motorcycling, skiing, if you’ll be engaging in that, ask for inclusion.
  • Ensure that the policy covers doctor care, ambulances, and an emergency flight home.
  • Ask specifically if the insurance policy will provide payments directly to healthcare facilities or reimburse you later for health expenditures.
  • Ensure that you keep all documentation for later claims.

For a quick guide on visa travel insurance providers, I have listed four popular travel insurance providers in Nigeria.

AIICO Insurance

This medical insurance is generally accepted by all embassies, and can be bought directly on their website. Total insurance cover is worth €30,000 and covers medical, repatriation due to medical reasons and evacuation expenses.

Zenith Insurance

This provides insurance for single, multiple or annual Schengen and worldwide travel. There is no monetary limit on their worldwide cover but its €30,000 for Schengen. Their cover benefits are medical, dangerous sports, occupation, high risk and war zones plus a free cover for children under the age of two.

IGI Nigeria

This insurance provider comes highly recommended being that it is one of the most affordable, comprehensive and reliable for Nigerian travelers. It provides cover for you globally including the Schengen states, USA and Canada. Benefits include passport loss, baggage loss or delay and cover for companion.

Leadway Assurance

This is divided in zone 1 for Schengen countries, and zone 2 for worldwide cover. It also offers cover for senior citizens of up to 85 years old. This insurance is available to trip cancellation, delayed/missed departure, personal money loss, personal accident and Liability.


When you have decided on an insurance provider, be sure to do a complete perusal of their terms, conditions and restrictions, most companies disqualify policies for a pre-existing health condition, accidents due to alcohol and drug use. Discuss with your designated insurance officer and get your facts correctly, then you can sign on the dotted line.

Checked off the travel insurance, now you can have a safe relaxed trip.

If you haven’t gotten one yet, use the guide above, if you have one then how you did get your travel insurance, let us know in the comment section below.

Have a fun holiday!

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